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What are the benefits of Antenatal Aqua Exercise?

Benefits of Antenatal Aqua Exercise


Due to the hydrostatic pressure of the water, aqua exercise when pregnant can help to relieve backache, constipation, swelling, aching joints and bloating.

The water supports your body, allowing you to experience approximately 25-30% of your body weight; an amazing relief in pregnancy!

It can improve posture, balance, muscle tone and back strength.

It can improve your stamina in preparation for labour and the postnatal period.

By gently and appropriately improving core stability and strength it can naturally help to tone the pelvic floor. It can help with your postnatal recovery by means of improved blood flow and can help with the physical demands of being a new mum, leading to a smoother return to exercise after birth.


Exercise in general can lead to an enhanced psychological well-being by helping to improve your mood, sleep patterns and energy levels.

It can provide relief from stress, promoting a sense of relaxation.

By taking time out from busy work/home life to attend a class it allows you to have some all-important self-care.

Can aid bonding with your baby in pregnancy.


It provides social support with other, like-minded pregnant women, helping to create your support ‘village’ in preparation for the 4th Trimester and onwards.

All classes are led by an experienced midwife. After the class, we can sit down and chat about any questions you may have about the antenatal period, labour, delivery or going home with your new baby.

If this all sounds like something you would like to experience in your pregnancy, come and join me for an Aquanatal class in Cranbrook, Tunbridge Wells or Larkfield.

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