Distantly Connected

As lockdown starts to ease in full and life starts to bear some semblance of normality I have to confess I feel a little sad about it. What was a massive adjustment and life as we had never known before, has become my normal. I have two children at home from school and nursery, my husband working from home, and we are in a rhythm.

But more importantly, my business seems to have evolved and thrived from the situation. Having said that I had to stop all Aquanatal classes and we are still waiting for the green light from the government to get back into the pool. I absolutely love teaching Aquanatal and it was devastating to have to contact all my lovely pregnant clients to terminate their classes. So many months have now passed that the pregnant clients are no longer pregnant (with the exception of 2 who we look forward to hearing their exciting news over the coming weeks!). The client base that I had worked so hard to build up has dwindled as the nature of my antenatal clients is transitional, as mums-to-be become mums with babes in arms!

So why do I say my business has thrived? Well, because I've had time. Without pressure.

When we entered in to lock down I could see Cocoon & Bloom shrinking away before my eyes. No Aquanatal to offer. No baby massage classes. No photos of mums in class lovingly massaging their babies to share as part of my social media promotional posts. No classes to advertise in local groups.

But then I saw what many around me were doing. They were offering online classes. This was not me. Completely out of my comfort zone. I don't do 'lives', I don't like to be in the photo, I am the one in the background. Then I had some messages from my mums asking if I could do it. So I did. I tested the waters. I chose to offer two shorte