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Covid-19 Policy


Last updated 27/09/2021

Cocoon & Bloom is committed to keeping you, your baby and your extended family safe. Our Covid-19 policy incorporates the most up to date UK official guidance and works in partnership with the venue providers' risk assesssments and own Covid-19 policies. 

Where possible, and as described in the venue outlines, entrance and exit routes are taken into consideration, along with open windows and ventilation, hygiene, equipment sterilisation, social distancing measures and the removal of shared equipment.

In all venues, there will be hand sanitiser stations as you enter the building - you must use this as you arrive. I will also have hand sanitiser readily available. All venues have toilet facilities which are open for you to use, and extra cleaning routines have been implemented by the venue owners. 

All venues have extensive cleaning regimes in response to Covid-19 and floors/surfaces/high contact areas cleaned before and after each class. Mats will be cleaned with hospital-grade cleaning wipes after every use. For Baby Yoga and Baby Massage classes I recommend you bring your own blanket/towel for your baby to lie on. For Baby Confidence/ Cake & Confidence classes, please bring a blanket for the guided relaxation.. I would also recommend you bring your own cushion for your comfort, as current guidelines leave me unable to provide them for you. There will be no shared equipment.

Social distancing measures remain where possible in all venues, with your designated area clearly visible upon your arrival. Class sizes remain reduced to allow for distancing. Both parents/siblings are able to attend classes but please let me know in advance so I can create a larger space for you.. No spectators are allowed during Aquanatal classes.

Please arrive on time (certainly no sooner than 5 minutes) and await invitation into the venue. If you are early, please can I ask that you wait in the car (if appropriate at the venue) to avoid queuing or crowding around the entrance.

Please limit the amount of personal belongings you bring to class. To encourage mobile babies to stay on the mat, you are permitted to bring a few toys with you, however please ensure these toys stay on your mat, and are not shared with other babies. Toys are also provided during class - you are welcome to help yourself from the central mat. Whatever toys you do use, please ensure they stay by or on your mat and leave them there at the end of the class to allow me to clean and quarantine them before placing them back for use. 

Vace coverings are  no longer required at indoor venues, however I recommend that you continue to use them on your entrance/exit and when you walk around the venue.  

Signing indoors is now permitted (woo hoo!) so please do enjoy singing to your baby during the group sessions!

If you are unwell, or showing symptoms of Covid-19 YOU MUST NOT ATTEND CLASS and will need to isolate for the recommended time frame as per NHS guidance. Please refer the NHS Covid-19 website for signs, symptoms and advice.


There will be no refunds for missed classes.

Should classes be closed down due to local/national lock-down or changes to Government guidelines, they will be converted to online classes via Zoom. There will be no refund for this conversion. The exception to this will be Aquanatal classes - if these can not go ahead due to closure to the pool or local/national lock-down or changes to Government guidelines, you will be offered a refund for any outstanding classes or the option to transfer it to credit for Baby Massage or Baby Yoga classes.

Cocoon & Bloom and partner venues fully support Track and Trace to stop the spread of Covid-19 and therefore will be keeping a record of class attendees, together with names, contact numbers, class dates and times. This information will be securely recorded for 21 days in accordance with Track and Trace guidance, after which time it will be destroyed. 

If you test positive for Covid-19, you must contact Cocoon & Bloom's class provider, Henrietta immediately on 07803012084, or by email

By registering for a Cocoon & Bloom class, you are confirming that you acknowledge the contagious nature of Covid-19 and that you voluntarily attend classes by Cocoon & Bloom and understand that you are increasing your risk of exposure to Covid-19. You acknowledge that you must comply with all set procedures to reduce the spread while attending the class. You understand that all the information provided in your registration form is true and accurate and you take full responsibility for yourself and for your baby(ies) during the classes. Your registration will be taken as your digital signature of your understanding and compliance of this policy.

Thank you for your continued support. Please rest assured that yours and your family's health and safety is at the forefront of every decision made by Cocoon & Bloom. 

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